Lead by Greatness has been monumental in its impact across the globe, and many testimonials have boasted of improved performance and success as a result of considering and acting on its principles.

‘This is where inspiration meets innovation at a level of consciousness seldom encountered…David’s proven methods radically improve leadership effectiveness, business culture, and bottom-line success.’
Trevor Lee, E P International

The narrative structure of the book encourages the notion of ‘journey’ within business; that corporations are always striving to reach new distances and overcome new challenges. Lapin has received praise for his Lead by Greatness principles as a description of the path to true business success.

‘David Lapin’s book provides us with a unified roadmap that can take all of us on this much needed heroic journey…This book should be mandatory reading for all of us who seek to transform our own life and the institutions we build.’
David Feldt, CEO – JazLabs, Inc

The influence of Lapin’s rabbinic background serves to provide him with an excellent platform to explore human nature, drawing on the fundamental fact that businesses are made up of and run by people.

‘David’s unique ability to synthesize the essence of his ancient spiritual heritage with the clarity of his grasp of the human experience in the modern world, has enabled him to positively transform the lives of thousands of people and to facilitate concrete results for business worldwide.’
Hugh Raichlin

Lead by Greatness has been praised for its positive attitudes to the great influence that small changes can have over time to any organisation of any size; that small things really can make a big difference.

‘…I strongly recommend this book to anyone wanting to make a Choice to Change, and to learn new lessons in leadership skills and themselves.’
Ron Dymesich