Rabbi Lapin

David Lapin’s rabbinic teachings have reached out to thousands over a long career of sharing insight into business, professional and personal life. His established and well-renowned teachings stem from a career of over thirty years experience as a rabbi and teacher, and his deep thinking has helped many individuals to grow and reflect on their spiritual ideas and morals. However, he preferred to earn a living independently of his teaching of Torah, and therefore ran a business parallel to his activities as a rabbi.

Rabbi Lapin continued to deliver up to twelve shiurim and sermons every week, as well as hours of counselling, public appearances and other spiritual activities. He used his influence for forces of good, founding the South African Institute of Business Ethics (SAIBE) in 1989, with the intention of raising the standard of business ethics in South Africa. Later, the SAIBE developed into a business consultancy firm, Lapin International, of which David Lapin is the CEO.

Since his immigration to the USA in 1997, Rabbi Lapin has built up an international reputation as a leadership and management expert and innovator. His spiritual experience sets him apart as a unique consultant, and his book Lead by Greatness has been well received internationally, with features in countless papers, journals and radio shows in the US.

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