Lead by Greatness by David Lapin

A Unique Set of Principles for Unparalleled Corporate Development

David Lapin author of Lead by Greatness

Lead by Greatness

For a business to successfully grow and develop, it has to have that unique edge that makes it different from everywhere else; a recognisable identity to satisfy their customers in a way no one else can. But what is this edge? Lapin believes it is the company’s soul that gives it that head start to unleash new economic value and appeal in a way that other companies can’t.

He explains how to find this corporate soul and use it to your business’s advantage, harnessing the potential of new outlooks and possibilities, in Lead by Greatness, David Lapin’s first book on management and leadership.

Combining rabbinic principles with a cutting edge knowledge and understanding of the management world, Lead by Greatness takes the reader through the three developmental stages: first by changing yourself, then your team and finally your company as a whole.

Part one leads the reader through character school, building on the principle that the only person you can truly change is yourself, and only by being the greatest you can be can you then influence others. Lead by Greatness shows you how to tap into your inner guru, and to understand your motivations and spiritual DNA – and once you feel like you know what you need to do to reach your own potential, part two leads on to how to get the best from your colleagues and team members – you will learn how to impact on the people around you, from your closest workers through to the whole organization, using techniques like ‘don’t just say it, convey it’, and work to unlock the corporate soul of the company. Part three expands on these ideas to build a lasting change within the organisation, and to impact outwards on your relationships with others.

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