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David Lapin

David Lapin is an international business consultant, world renowned for his unique Lead By Greatness principles which he has authored through a combination of pioneering business knowledge and his thorough understanding of the human spirit.

Lapin is CEO of Lapin Consulting International, and while his methods specialise in corporate strategy and development, at the heart of his principles is his power in recognising the complex nature of humanity and soul and its place in the corporate world. His unique ability to identify a business’s most current strategic opportunities and his understanding of how to best tap into a company’s potential, whilst respecting the complex dynamics of the human spirit, has commanded the attention of global business leaders.

Lapin was the founder of the South African Institute of Business Ethics (SAIBE) in 1989, which proposed to improve the standard of South African business ethics, as well as raise the orthodox Jewish voice to a platform allowing it to be recognised as an influential ethical force in the corporate world. SAIBE later became a consulting firm, Strategic Business Ethics Inc. and is now known as Lapin Consulting International Inc. Lapin Consulting International has offices internationally, in South Africa, Canada and the USA, and has an extensive list of clients, including household names such as American Express and Coca-Cola South Africa.

David Lapin author of Lead by Greatness

Lead by Greatness

Lapin’s unique business methods, combining cutting edge strategic thinking and organizational development with universal Torah principles, have made his work pioneering and provided a fresh angle on outdated modes of business consultancy. His book Lead By Greatnessexplains his principle-based approach to leadership, in which he discusses subjects such as spiritual DNA, the corporate soul, and the Spiritual Fingerprint™. Lapin believes that in order to lead effectively and productively, you must first understand yourself and your true natures as a leader. His book goes on to explain that as the corporate soul is unique and cannot be duplicated by others, it can provide true competitive advantage in the business world. His book also explores other key leadership issues, including inspiring and quantifying performance, bridging generational and cultural divides, and identifying customer needs on a deeper, more intangible level.

Rabbi David Lapin

Rabbi David Lapin’s Rabbinic teachings are also widely acclaimed, and his online platform, iAwaken.org, is a collection of audio teachings and Torah Essays written by Rabbi Lapin. Lapin discusses and explores foundational principles extracted from the Torah and Talmud, and considers how to live by these fundamental teachings.